Think of cigars like fine wine: They’re all uniquely different and thoughtfully crafted to create an evocative taste and experience. Much like fine wine, how you store them can influence their special characteristics. The best way to store your cigar collection is undoubtedly in a quality humidor or several humidors. 

How to calculate humidor capacity

Calculating the capacity of your humidor is tricky and variable due to the differing ring gauges of your cigars. Most humidors’ capacities are calculated assuming a 48 ring gauge, but if you favour a thicker cigar, your will fit far fewer in your humidor. For example, a 100 capacity humidor will fit 100 48-ring-gauge cigars. If your preferred smoke is the hefty Gran Habano Imperial Corojo Toro Grande with a ring gauge of 60 however, you’ll struggle to fit more than 80 in in that humidor. On the other hand, you should be able to squeeze far more than 100 slimmer smokes in a 100 capacity humidor. 

To calculate the capacity of your humidor with different cigars, search for humidor capacity calculators online, input the cigars you wish to fit, and calculate an approximate capacity.

How to store different cigars in the same humidor

Storing your cigars in a humidor is, of course, the best method of storage. True cigar aficionados prefer to have a different humidor for each different cigar type, although this is an expensive storage option. To take the best care of your precious Havanas though, you’ll want to at least keep different cigars separate within your humidor. This prevents different cigar types from mingling together and affecting each other’s aromas and flavours.

You can purchase humidor dividers from a cigar store and you’ll find the flavours and aromas are maintained far better when using these dividers. Store your medium cigars in one compartment, your full-bodied Havanas in another, and your mild cigars in another. This helps your mild cigars stay gentle while your full-bodied cigars stay bold and powerful.