Taking your favourite cigars to events and when traveling ensures you never have to miss your favourite smoking experience. The biggest mistake people make when traveling with cigars though is incorrect storage, which could leave your favourite smokes spoiled.

Follow these tips to make sure a trip away is a safe and luxurious experience -- especially for your cigars.

Take a leather cigar holder for 1-2 cigars on a short getaway

You don’t need to go overboard for small trips, but you do need to take at least a Ziplock bag or preferably a leather cigar holder for a long day out. This helps keep your one or two cigars fresh, their aromas strong and their flavours rich.

You'll want to take a travel humidor for longer trips

A travel humidor sounds overly extravagant, but it can help significantly preserve the taste and smell of your cigars. Choose a durable, carefully crafted humidor that will protect your cigars, especially in the harshest climates and environments. Try and keep your travel humidor out of the sun as well as keep it away from air conditioning and strong heaters.

Pack your cigar accessories in your check-in luggage

Many people turn up to their hotel on holiday, unpack their favourite cigar ready to light up and find they’ve forgotten their lighters and cigar cutters. You won’t be able to take them in your carry-on, but don’t forget to pop your cigar cutters in your luggage and buy butane on arrival to fill the empty lighter you’ve packed safely in your checked luggage.

Take a few extras to share

There’s nothing better than turning up to a friend’s wedding, party or event with your favourite cigars to share around. Take more than you’ll need personally so you can share the experience with your good friends or to make a few new ones. Try not to take too many though, as you won’t want to put cigars from your travels back into your humidor at home, as they will have spoiled slightly from their long journey and are best smoked rather than stored again.

Leave room in your travel humidor

While your holiday may not be to Nicaragua, you’re sure to pick up some new cigars from your vacation wherever you go. So don’t cram your travel humidor too full but leave some room for an exciting new find abroad or in Duty Free.