Credentials and Guarantee

The Merchant Cigar Guarantee

Here at Merchant Cigars we are passionate about cigars and get a bit geeky about it. We only have authentic Cuban cigars and treat them like the gems we know they are. We keep cigars in a carefully temperature and humidity controlled environment at all times. In preparation for shipping, they are sealed in plastic and packed well in bubble wrap to maintain freshness and arrive safely.

We’re happy if you’re happy

Although we can’t give everyone a refund simply because they didn’t like the cigars they chose, we always try to do the right thing. We’ll give you a refund or ship you a new order if there’s been damage in transit or mold (which is not the same as plume). Cigars are a natural handmade product so flavour will vary from cigar to cigar and no two batches will be exactly the same and they will be affected by how you store them. Treat them like fine wine.

The Fine Print: Refunds, Reship and Returns

Missing cigars

In the unlikely instance that after 28 working days (excluding holidays and weekends) you have checked that you entered the shipping address correctly and your cigars still haven’t arrived, we’ll absolutely reship or refund your order.

Damaged cigars do happen occasionally

Couriers can be a bit rougher than we like, so if your cigars do get damaged in transit, please contact us for return details. If you return them in their original packaging, we’ll happily refund you for the product and make it right if you let us know within 60 days of shipment date.

Please double check your address and don’t wait more than 60 days

Our guarantee doesn’t apply if you entered your shipping address incorrectly. So before you hit “Send” please check again that you’ve entered your address correctly and that it’s an appropriately secure place to delivery your cigars. We don’t usually reship or refund after 60 days after the shipment date so please don’t wait to let us know if you have a problem with your order.



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