Terms and Conditions

What the Merchant Cigars guarantee covers:

Although we can’t give everyone a refund simply because they didn’t happen to like the cigars they chose, we always try to do the right thing for you. We’ll give you a refund or ship you a new order if there’s been damage in transit, it doesn’t turn up or there’s mold (which is not the same as plume). Cigars are a natural handmade product so flavour will vary from cigar to cigar and no two batches will be exactly the same and they will be affected by how you store them. Treat them like fine wine. 

We like to get it sorted for you promptly

Our arrival guarantee applies up to 60 days after shipment date, all non arrivals and additional issues must be dealt with within this time frame. We cannot reship, or refund after this period.

Damage upon arrival

Please inspect your cigars upon arrival and let us know immediately if you have any concerns. Couriers can be a bit rougher than we like, so if your cigars do get damaged in transit, please contact us for return details and an Return Number (RMA). If you return them in their original packaging, we’ll happily refund you for the unused product and make it right if you let us know within 60 days of shipment date.

Missing orders

In the unlikely instance that after 28 working days (excluding holidays and weekends) you have checked that you entered the shipping address correctly and your cigars still haven’t arrived, we’ll absolutely reship or refund your order. Unless you entered your shipping address incorrectly. Please provide a permanent address, not a temporary holiday accommodation.

Opened boxes

We can not guarantee you will receive an unopened box as quality control occasionally fail to reseal boxes after inspecting. It is also possible for seals to moisten and drop off while stored in the humidor.

How to cancel an  order

We can only accept cancellations before payment has been received. All sales are final once it has been shipped, so please review your order carefully before completing payment as your order will be dispatched as soon as it has been paid.

Contacting Us

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Lyonnel Consulting AG, is located in the Tax Free Zone at Geneva Airport, Switzerland.
Buro 1120 Fret Cargo Aeroport de Geneve, 1211 Switzerland.

Please use the issues system (Contact Us) as this is now exclusively used for customer support.




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